EMDR Consultation For Therapists

EMDR Certification Process

EMDR Certification Consulation

You MUST have completed the Basic EMDR Training before you can work with Karen. (see below for information about Basic Training)

Once you’ve completed your Basic Training, you can add the additional advanced skills of EMDR Certification with Karen. Becoming “certified” requires 20 additional hours of consultation and training that goes far beyond the Basic Training and sets you apart as an advanced EMDR practitioner. EMDR certification is also an important accreditation that will improve your status within the EMDR community as well as your visibility in your community.

Karen is a certified EMDR therapist; you can receive all of the required 20 hours of consultation from her. These important hours of training will enable you to become a certified EMDR therapist.

Basic EMDR Training

Basic EMDR Training includes live lectures, group practicum, and group consultations. The training involves 50 hours of learning and will provide you with CE credits through the NBCC and APA.

Licensed or license-eligible may attend the “Basic EMDR Training.” If you are not licensed, you will need to provide your supervisor’s contact information when you register.

If you are a graduate student, you are eligible to register for the training if you are enrolled in or entering the clinical portion of your program.

Therapists must complete the training within one year of the start date of the Basic Training. You can see the complete details on the Basic Training eligibility on the EMDRIA website by clicking here - EMDRIA’s Eligibility Requirements for EMDR Training.

Basic Training Details

The EMDRIA Approved Basic Training teaches an entire therapeutic orientation to EMDR and the core skills to begin using it in your practice. The course teaches skills to conceptualize symptoms, increase affect tolerance with regulation techniques, create EMDR treatment plans, reprocess targets, and re-evaluate the therapeutic work.

You will also learn to use EMDR with specialty populations, including children, veterans, and individuals experiencing addiction, dissociation, chronic pain, and anxiety disorders.

Click here to connect with Karen about consultation: emdr.utah@gmail.com

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