DNMS Consultation for Therapists

Developmental Needs Meeting Strategy (DNMS)

Consulting and Training with Karen Gardner

Karen Gardner is a DNMS trainer and one of the top presenters for the DNMS institute. Karen has been using and teaching DNMS for fourteen years and has seen remarkable outcomes.

Karen provides individual DNMS consultation and can help you achieve your basic training.

She also teaches a 9-week online class called the “9-Week Hybrid Training”. This course combines the flexibility and economy of the 16-hour, self-study DNMS webinar with the nurturing intimacy of a small interactive class. Classes are two hours long and meet for nine consecutive weeks to practice lessons learned in the self-study DNMS webinar. Taking this course is a step toward completing the basic DNMS training.

DNMS Overview

Clients need to trust they’ll have a safe experience in order to get the best possible outcomes with their EMDR therapy. However, this can be a challenge when treating clients with dissociative disorders and profound emotional wounding that happened in childhood.

If clients have fears about their healing that block therapy, or they have belligerent child parts that sabotage therapy, or they are so easily triggered they can’t tolerate trauma processing – the benefits of EMDR will be out of reach.

DNMS is a systematic, comprehensive preparation plan to resolve these problems. DNMS involves direct communication with individual wounded child parts that are connected to a past, present, or future EMDR target.

Once a targeted wounded child part has met specific benchmarks of stabilization and emotion regulation, DNMS work on that target can begin. DNMS will illuminate the differences between trauma wounds and attachment wounds. DNMS is extremely helpful for patients who have had challenges and limitations due to their attachment wound(s) and were unable to be helped with EMDR.

Click here to connect with Karen about consultation: emdr.utah@gmail.com

seeing dnms parts of self

DNMS helps you learn to positively communicate with individual wounded child parts that are connected to your past.

seeing dnms parts of self

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